Otonga Road Primary School


Welcome to Otonga School

"Building strong foundations for our children's Futures"

"Whaia te taumata mo nga tamariki e uru i roto nga tau kei mua"


OPEN For BALLOT for 2019 Year 2 Out of Zone

We have 10 spaces available for children born from April 2011 up to March 2012.

Please contact school office 3486 443 


We are growing our children to be confident people, adept at working in teams and able to communicate our thoughts and ideas effectively.

We are nurturing self-directed learners who view education as a life-long process.

We are working together to be innovative and enterprising, flexible and resilient in a time of constant change.

We are working with our tamariki to become citizens with a strong values base, well-prepared to actively and positively contribute to a multi-cultural society.