Participating and contributing

This competency is about being actively involved in communities. 

Communities include family, whanau, and school  - and those based, for example, on a common interest or culture. 
Communities may be drawn together for purposes such as learning, work, celebration, or recreation. 
They may be local, national, or global. 

This competency includes a capacity to contribute appropriately as a group member, to make connections with others, and to create opportunities for others in the group.

Students who participate and contribute in communities have:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Confidence to participate within new contexts. 
  • Understanding of the importance of balancing rights, roles, and responsibilities
  • Ability to contribute to the quality and sustainability of social, cultural, physical, and economic environments.

In Europe "Belonging" is a separate key competency, as it is in our Early Childhood Education centres.
Our revised curriculum has included 'Belonging' as part of Participating and Contributing, but it is no less important.

NZ has an unacceptably high suicide rate. We believe that helping children to find ways that they can fit in comfortably with different groups of people is an important part of learning. We are all different. It is part of our job to help each other to appreciate those differences.

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