Respect was rated by our parents as being of top importance in our survey. It seems a simple word but it has a huge amount of meaning for us to discuss with our children. It is about caring, aroha, consideration, concern, and physical as well as emotional well-being. 

We talk about three kinds of respect:

Respect for others


Shown by using our manners (please, thank you, excuse me), saying sorry when we hurt someone (even if we did not mean to), speaking politely, by taking turns, playing cooperatively, by winning with grace and having respect even when we lose. It means no name-calling, or put downs.

Respect for where we live, work and play. Our classroom, our school and our community.

Shown by looking after the equipment we use, cleaning up after ourselves, taking care of our gardens and playground equipment, not littering and cleaning up any litter that we see

Self respect

Shown by caring for your self physically and emotionally. Eating right, keeping healthy, being positive about yourself. It is also important for children to expect to be treated with respect by others. This means reporting any bullying behaviour. It means speaking up and being honest.

So for such a small word, respect has huge meaning as one of our core values. There is a lot to recognise and acknowledge in one term. We would really appreciate your support at home in helping to grow an understanding of respect. The things we do, the things we say, grow our attitudes and habits of a lifetime.

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