Ready Set Go Timetable

Ready Set Go Timetable

Themes for Parent Information Ready-Set-Go Class

The children are involved in similar related sessions in the classroom at the same time

Session 1   

    Responsibility for Self– Routines, punctuality, property etc.

    Expectations of chn entering school

    Enviro School

Session 2  School buddy visits

    Relationships – Friendships (Otonga School Values)

    Houses-Welcoming chn from the four winds

    Mäori / ESOL / Gifted and Talented


Session 3

    National Standards-Reporting to Parents

Session 4  School buddy visits

    Reading – to and with chn, making reading fun, home readers, etc


Session 5

    Early Writing – Pencil grip, lists, emergent stages, etc

Session 6  School buddy visits

    Mathematics –Number, counting, problem solving, puzzles, etc


Session 7

    Communication – Oral Language ( Parent concerns/consultation/OSSG)

    Visit from OSSG member

    Sound Field System

Session 8 School buddy visits

    Curriculum – Thinking Tools –SOLO- Inquiry learning –SLCs           

    Library –ICT -

Session 9

    Creativity – Arts – Art Centre

    PMP – Fitness – Jump Jam – PE exploration -  Brain gym

Session 10 with School buddy

    Dental and General Health

    Health -healthy playlunch/lunch options – Sunhats, sunscreen etc

    Behaviour Plan

NB Sessions 9 and 10 may be combined if there is a shortened term.

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