Ready Set Go Timetable

Ready Set Go Timetable

Themes for Parent Information Ready-Set-Go Class

The children are involved in similar related sessions in the classroom at the same time


Session 1   

   Starting School - Responsibility for Self –  punctuality, property, eating and lunches, making friends,

   School houses, buddy visits..

   Special Needs, ESOL, Gifted & Talented (G & T). 

   Behaviour - School Behaviour Management Plan including the Incredible Years Programme

Session 2  

    Importance of speaking and listening. Asking and telling.

    Early learning to read


Session 3

    Learning to write, pencils, typing, left-handedness and scissors, spelling.

Session 4  

    Early Maths - counting, numbers to 5, puzzles.


Session 5

   Curriculum, Reporting to parents, extra-curricula and PMP, Sun Safety and Dental Care

Classroom Visits

    Children also have two class visits prior to starting school from 8.55 - 11.00am. 

    The children will become involved in the morning class programme, please bring morning tea.

    Home time at 11.00am.

    Please report to the office to sign in.  Thanks

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