Robert Lei (Chairperson)

Robert Lei     (Chairperson)

I have three boys (Harrison, Lewis & Ryan) currently moving through the years at Otonga Primary School and have been a parent representative on the school board for the last three years.

Just like every other parent I want to see my kids reach their full potential. I’m still learning how to help that happen and the role that school plays is a big part of that.

My background is in chemical engineering and I currently work in business development and commercialisation at Scion, the crown research institute based here in Rotorua.  This job in science and technology development plus a broad range of previous roles have provided me with many different experiences to draw on and contribute to the school. 

The last 3 years on the school board has been a big learning curve on the workings of the education system and I have been lucky to pick up a lot of that from previous experienced board members. We have achieved plenty and there is still plenty more we can do to continue lifting what is already a great school.

I’m keen to continue representing parents on the Otonga School board of trustees. I understand what’s required for the role and if elected, I would bring a high degree of commitment in pursuing the best outcome for the school and most importantly its students.   ~    Robert Lei

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