Tim Cochrane

Tim Cochrane

My son Alfie recently started as a new entrant at Otonga Road Primary School.

I am sure that my desire to see my children achieve all that they are capable of, across all aspects of the school program is shared by all parents, staff and others involved with the school.

Despite being a qualified physiotherapist, I have been working in technical sales for Watchdog Security for the last 3 and a half years. This role has given me a broad exposure to all aspects and facets of the Springfield, and Rotorua community.

Although previously having not been part of any school board, I am committed to engage in the role of a parent representative on the Otonga Road Primary School Board of Trustees. I see a role on the Board of Trustees as an opportunity to ensure that all of our children are given every opportunity to achieve their potential and development at what is already a great school.   ~    Tim Cochrane

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