Krissy McFarlane

Krissy McFarlane

My name is Krissy McFarlane. I am the mother of three boys currently at Otonga School in years 1, 3 and 6. My husband and I were both born and educated in Rotorua, and are involved with various Otonga sport teams. I also have a niece and nephew at the school. My husband and sister are both teachers which has given me a good understanding of the inner workings of a school.

I currently work as a Cardiac Sonographer at Rotorua Hospital, specialising in Paediatrics and have had experience leading a small team as team leader. My profession requires me to be task orientated, concise and have good communication and problem solving skills. I am someone who is able to see things from different perspectives, and am a natural mediator. I am approachable and have an optimistic outlook, am organised, efficient and have good common sense. I feel these skills would make me a valuable member of the board.

I believe Primary school is a very important time for kids and should be a place where they not only learn curriculum subjects but are inspired to be great people who understand the habits they need to be successful in life.

If elected to the Board, I would like to help improve communication between families and the school. I will contribute in a meaningful way to help every child at Otonga get the most from their primary school experience.   ~    Krissy McFarlane

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