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Today our Learning from Home programme began. 

This will run for 3 days this week, then we will have School Holidays. Term 2 starts on Wednesday 15 April. Teachers will contact you about this.

School is closed. The playgrounds are closed because they cannot be cleaned. Take advantage of the grounds.

We will keep in contact through Dojo, emails, newsletter and by phone where necessary.

The following outlines our protocols for our Learning from Home programme.

●      Learning from Home programme begins on Wednesday 15th, your class teacher will make daily contact between 9 -10:30. Lessons will be no longer than 20 minutes. Then there will be a gap. We will try to schedule lessons so that students sharing a device can get their turn.

●     Acceptable hours of contact: student to student 9am - 3pm, student to teacher 9am- noon,  parent to teacher 2-3pm

●     Social contact between children is important but parents must monitor that the language used is appropriate and preferably in a public part of the house, out of school hours. The risks we have found previously is where the child has been using their device in their private bedroom.

●     Screens need to be visible. Check the tabs that are open and talk to your children about their on-line safety.

●     More learning should be done off the computer than on-line. The teacher will give “unplugged” challenges eg art, PE , drama.


Welcome to

Te Kura o Tihiōtonga

Otonga School

Mission  Statement 

United by the four winds, we grow stronger together.


Mā te kōtahitanga e ngā hau e whā, ka kaha whakatupu ngātahi tātau.



Developing our students to be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.


  • We strive to do our best: what I know, what I am learning and what I need to do next

  • We act with curiosity: thinking skills, research and inquiry process, creativity and innovation, confident communicators

  • We grow as leaders: leadership and group roles, collaborator and active listener, problem solver, activator

  • We are global citizens: environmental awareness, fit and active, bicultural and multicultural, individuality and diversity


 Latest ERO report 2019 now available. 

We are really proud of the Letter_from_the_Minister_of_Education.pdf we received.





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