School Hours
Monday to Friday 8.55am - 3.00pm

Term Dates 2017

Term 1: Wed 1 Feb to Thur 13 April

Term 2: Mon 1 May to Fri 7 July

Term 3: Mon 24 July to Fri 29 Sept

Term 4: Mon 16 Oct to Mon 18 Dec 


Term Dates 2018
Term 1: Wed 7 Feb – Fri 13 April
Term 2: Mon 30 April - Fri 6 July
Term 3: Mon 23 July - Fri 28 Sept
Term 4: Mon 15 Oct - TBC


105 Otonga Road
Phone: 07 3486443
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Each year we begin to build an identity of belonging as citizens  to our class. Together children and teachers develop a signed class treaty. Rules and codes of conduct are part of helping citizens live together.

We learn about the Treaty of Waitangi, and why it is important to New Zealanders. We even have a very old facsimile of some of the original parchments in our library.

Every 3 years the school endeavors to visit our local marae of Tangata Rua at Waiariki. There we learn about marae protocol and how the Maori people come together for celebrations and meetings on the marae. We learn about the stories and history that are important for the ancestors of each marae.

 In 2010 we took a close look at bullying and personal safety through the Kia Kaha programme and an Internet Cybersafety Focus

 In 2009 we looked at volunteers, the work they do in our school, our communities and the world. Why they do it, how it affects others and what we could do to help.

 In 2008 we also looked at the elections to see how and why some people offer to become leaders and accept higher levels of responsibility.