Flipper Ball

Games are played for Year 4’s on Wednesday afternoons (no Yr 4 team for Term 4) and for Senior School (Year 5 and 6) on a Thursday.

All games are held at the Rotorua Aquatics Centre from 3:45 -5pm on designated nights. Games are of 15min duration and are played in all weather except hail or lightning.

For safety reasons we ask that your child be a competent swimmer of freestyle and be taller than 1.25m in height.

As Otonga School does not have a pool, there are no set practices however team coaches may decide to organise a team practice.

New rules being introduced.

Any attacking player within the 2m (Red Cone) area and not behind the ball carrier will be offside, minor foul.

Two hands on a player anywhere in the pool will be a minor foul. (With or without the ball).

Stopping a player (impeding / blocking) from going for the ball will be a minor foul. (With or without the ball.)

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