Future Focussed Themes for study

Our inquiry learning each term is based on one of four themes:


         Room 4 sign their Class Treaty      

        Room 5 sell their 'green' items       


       One World One Dream Rm 16       

        Green Team recycling monitors       

For each of the focus themes a programme is developed that covers the 6 years at Otonga School. 

Although the future-focussed theme is school-wide, each team of the school focuses on specific aspects within that topic. This makes the topic different at each level throughout the school. Brothers and sisters can learn from each other through sharing at assemblies, room parades and also at home.

During our planning for each theme the teachers prepare units of study that progressively expand the concepts and skills for levels 1 - 4. 

The result is that we have a programme that is cohesive across the school, caters for a wide range of ability at each level and is focussed on significant themes and issues that have relevance for our children’s futures.