Letter from our Kaumatua

What is our Name?

Our school was named after the road that we are situated on, Otonga Road Primary School.  The name 'Otonga' has no actual meaning at all and is a European shortening of the name of our block of land, 'Tihiotonga'.

Through consultation with our kaumatua, Ken Kennedy, we have learned that this block of land intersects 4 Maori land blocks.  This is reflected in our logo of the four winds.  We have named our school houses after the four winds that bring children from all over the world to this place of the tangata whenua.

The more accurate name for our school is 'Te Kura o Tihiotonga".

We are proud to acknowledge the people who have lived in this place3 before us and accept a dual name:  Otonga Road School

Te Kura o Tihiotonga