Non-copyright images

These links have been put here specifically for teacher and children who are needing to include images in projects in a legal manner. With the billions of images on the web children avidly copy, paste and print these without realizing the legalities involved. "Creative commons" is a license given to images, by the owner, allowing others to use that image in certain circumstances. There are different levels of use from 'use with acknowledgement of owner' to 'allowed to alter image and use for non profit' etc. Children and teachers need to learn how to recognize the different licenses and should be encouraged not to breach copyright by reproducing and using copyrighted images.
These sites should only be used with adult guidance.

  • Flickr
    Learn about flickrs cc licenses and search their database
  • Yahoo
    As you search use the creative commons search filter on the left.
  • Creativity103
    find abstract backgrounds
  • Compfight
    Search through 10million pics. Remember to check the creative commons option on the left once you start searching.
  • Ookaboo
    Look for images by country.
  • Animal pictures
    Search by animal family and name.
  • Free photo
    Search pictorally