Our Transition to school

  • Your child and adults attend a 5 week program that introduces you to our school and learning.
  • Your child spends time in our Y1 area learning through play.
  •  Adults are invited to the staffroom for a cuppa and a discussion around what we do at Otonga School. 
    • Children will spend time in their teachers classroom forming a relationship with the teacher and peers

    To register:

    Call the school office on 348 6443

    Email otonga@otonga.school.co.nz

    Where: Y 1 Classroom and Staffroom
    9:15 -10:15am on Fridays for 5 weeks

    1. You will be notified of the sessions by email or phone call.

    2. Parents sign in at the office and welcomed to the staffroom.
    3. Session 1 - children with parents Sessions 2 to 5 - child goes with leader buddy to classrooms.
    4. Parents chat in Staffroom while children play in Y1 area.
    5. Parents return to Y1 area to join children.