Our Transition to school

  • The child and adult attend a 10-week programme that introduces the child to school routines and learning.
  • The child attends a fun session with others starting school at a similar time.
  •  The adults are given sessions on various aspects of school life that can make transition to school easier for the family. More information on these sessions can be found in the timetable link below.
    • Two weeks before the actual school start date the child may attend Morning sessions in their classroom. 

    To register

    • phone the school office on 348 6443

    •  e-mail otonga@otonga.school.co.nz

    Where: Junior classroom and staffroom
    1:15pm - 2:30pm Wednesdays
    1. Child comes and plays in the playground.
    2. The bell rings and the childen go into 'class'.
    3. Parents settle child then attend parent information session in staffroom.
    4. Children involved in classroom activities.
    5. Parents return to 'class' to join children.