Sun Safety Policy - This policy applies during terms 1and 4. 

We will work with parents to educate children about the risk of sun damage to the skin. 
These are the things we will do to minimise the harmful effects of the sun at our school.   


  • During Terms 1 & 4 all children will sit in the shade of the trees to eat their lunch. 
  • The sandpit will be shaded in those months.
  • Children will be encouraged to play or rest in shaded areas at intervals.
  • We will use the extensive shaded areas provided by our many trees for as many activities as possible.
  • The adventure playgrounds are shaded.  


  • We will expect all children to bring a hat that can stay at school.  These will be named and be easily accessible for all outdoor activities.
  • The hats should be either: broad-brimmed (7.5cm brim) or bucket style (6cm,deep crown) or legionnaire-style flaps. No baseball caps or visors will be allowed as these do not protect the vulnerable areas at the back of the neck and the ears from sun burn and increased risk of skin cancer.
  • Children will be expected to wear their hats outside during term 1 and 4.
  • Children who do not have hats will be required to play in the shade.
  • Teachers will be role models and wear hats on duty, and for other out door activities in the summer.  


  • Parents will be asked to supply SPF 30+, broad spectrum sunscreen to their children. We do have sunblock in classrooms.
  • Children can reapply sunscreen from the class supply (SPF 30+) at lunchtime or before other outdoor activities.  


  • Hats, protective clothing and sunscreen are essential for trips outside and all outdoor activities during terms 1 and 4.
  • All staff must consistently teach the sunsmart message and, where appropriate, reward sunsmart behaviour.
  • In Term 4 every class will have planned health lessons on sun safety. Visual reminders eg posters etc will re-enforce this message.
  • All staff and students and families will be informed of the policy through newsletters, assemblies and at enrolment.
  • Where possible, outdoor activities will be timetabled to minimise time spent outdoors during peak UVR times (10-4pm). This policy will be reflected  in the planning of all outdoor events during terms 1 and 4.
  • This policy will be reviewed at least 3 yearly, with any improvements and amendments to be added as necessary and providing shade in key areas will continue to be part of our School Property  Development Plan.