Performing Arts

Otonga community value the performing arts as a critical part of our children’s education. A Performing Arts centre was built adjacent to the hall in order to provide space and further opportunities for instruction and practice in a range of arts.

Kapa haka:
Students from year 3-6 can join the Kapahaka group who perform for the school, parents and community at the local cultural festival.

Students from year 1-6 are take part in our music program.  
Children can also try out for our school band.
A music specialist teaches uses piano, guitar, keyboard, ukulele's and marimbas.

We are hoping also have a school choir that performs at different times in the year.

Dance and Drama:
Drama and Dance are a valued curriculum at Otonga. They are integrated into school-wide themes where they can become a means of showing and sharing understanding.
Dance like movements are taught through Jump Jam as part of fitness.
We are keen to present a production at school.