Sports Guildlines


1.0         Rational

Teachers and parents will work together to provide opportunities for pupils to participate in sports which are organised out of school hours under the umbrella of Otonga Road Primary School.

2.0         Purposes

2.1         To encourage and develop the partnership between school and its community.

2.2         To facilitate participation in sport.

3.0         Guidelines

3.1         Each sport will have a liaison teacher who will follow the guidelines set out in the attached “Responsibilities” sheet.  (See Appendix 1)

3.2         Each sport will have coaches/managers who will follow the guidelines set out in the attached “Responsibilities” sheet.

3.3         All associated sports/ uniform fees must be paid to the school office prior to the season commencing or AP set up through the school office.  This fee comprises of the sport code subscription fees, $5 uniform and equipment fee and for some codes; a refereeing fee is included.  This money is pooled together and used to pay the subscriptions, replacement of uniforms and gear, engraving of trophies, chocolates for coaches and payment of referee fees. Registrations made after the closing date will only be accepted, at the discretion of the Sports Co-ordinators.

3.4         Sports teams will be selected by the teacher in charge of the sport.  They may choose to elect help from parents to do this but have the overall say in the makeup of each team.  Once teams have been selected the team registration form must be checked and signed off by the Teacher in charge or the sports co-ordinators before being sent off.  Teams will be comprised of children only from Otonga Primary but in circumstances where a team falls short of numbers then the sports association can be approached to ascertain whether accepting children from another school in the same situation, may be acceptable. (See notes above referring to fees which are applicable to our school-these would apply).

3.5         Necessary equipment will be stored in the old PE shed (beside the Caretakers office). Doors will be unlocked and locked each day by the caretaker.  Sport coaches will have access to any gear stored in the shed. 

3.6         Each team will be allocated a kit bag for the season (stored in the coaches PE shed).  Included in each kit bag is gear, gear list, code of conduct/coach responsibilities, a POD trophy, and in some kits, a medical kit and rules/skills/drills for the associated sport.

3.7         Uniforms are issued in teams with the child’s name and room number noted down alongside the uniform number.  Copies of these are sent out to coaches for their records and a copy is kept by the school.  When the uniform is not returned at the end of the season, parents are emailed or txt is sent.  If a uniform is not returned then a replacement account is sent out for the replacement cost of the uniform.  If a child moves to another school, taking the uniform with them we will attempt to inform the new school to try and recover the uniform.

3.8         Turf bookings for practices can be made prior to the season starting, through the sports co-ordinators.  The school will endeavour to give the preferred times to each coach but compromise may be necessary for the more popular days and times.  If coaches provide the second preferred time to the school this would be helpful.

4.0         Conclusion

4.1         Children will be able to participate in out of school sport, with the assistance of the school and community.

Written by Policy Committee

Reviewed :     Oct 2012.

Next Review: Oct 2013.

Approved by Chairman of Policy Sub-committee …………………………………. Date……………………..

This policy is subject to change at review dates.  The official policy is a signed copy filed in the school board room. 


Appendix 1

The Following sports are organised out of school time under the umbrella of Otonga Road Primary School: Hockey, Netball, Miniball, Cricket, Touch, and Flippaball


  1.      Inform players about the sport (dates, registration forms costs etc.) via the Otonga School website or  

     school newsletter.

  1. Classify and organise the players into teams. (Assistance/consultation with coaches may be                                       required.)
  2.        Finalise the teams, source reliable coaches/managers and then notify players of team and 

            coach for the season.

  1. Fill in the registration forms and give them to sport co-ordinator.                

5.         Liaise between pupils and coaches via the website about draws and other information.

6.         Consult with person in charge of sports uniforms and assist with giving out uniforms as well as

             with the collection of them at the end of the season.

7.          Facilitate practice times and places in consultation with coaches/sport co-ordinators and liaison

             with teachers, for other codes.


  1. Organise practices and practice times in consultation with the liaison teacher; and book practice

      venue ie turf, hall, field.

2.         Organise collection and return of gear, uniforms and equipment kit bags.

3.         Supervise and attend games with their teams, and referee when required.

4.         Help with team selection if required by the teacher in charge.

5.         Ensure that the children through the website know their draw and  practice times.

6.         Promote strongly the values of fair play and full participation.

7.         Encourage the children to be supportive of each other during the game, and win or lose behave in an appropriate manner.

  1.      Under no circumstances will coaches include or remove any players without

     prior discussion with the Teacher in Charge or the Sports Co-ordinators.

     If for any reason the team is unable to play insufficient numbers/ no coach parents will be refunded.

  1.     Ensure that where possible all children in the team have an equal amount of playing time in the

           knowledge that if the team is in a knockout situation, e.g. a final, the strongest team will be selected.

10.       Inform the Deputy Principal and sports co-ordinators of any fundraising activities.

11.       The school is happy to support end of season celebrations by making the hall and kitchen available at

            no cost, provided it is left clean afterwards.

12.       The school is happy to provide Participation certificates and POD trophies.

13.       If some parents wish to provide extra treats for their teams and coaches/managers, these could be conducted at a separate event, so that at the school celebration or prize giving, each child, team and contributor is treated in the same way.


1.         Pay the sports fee and send the completed registration form to the school office by the closing

 date stipulated.

2.         Encourage fair play and good sportsmanship.

3.         Be supportive on the sidelines and understand that if their behaviour is negative they maybe asked to leave.

4.        Support the coaches in their decisions and if possible offer assistance. Eg. Helping out at


5.        In the event of a complaint against the coach, put it in written form, which will first be

           passed to the coach and then the liaison teacher and principal if necessary.


Teachers will take responsibility for school teams playing against other schools.  These teams will not necessarily be the same as the out of school teams as our aim is to have all senior school pupils participating in a sport of their choice.   Children may also opt to play sports other than their out of school sport.  Coaches from out of school teams are welcome to attend and assist with refereeing and looking after the pupils

All communications regarding the running/organisation of events by outside agencies, attended by the school, should be directed to the school.  The school will pass on these comments, concerns and recommendations on behalf of parents.

Out of School Sports Teams Policy Review


Each sport will have a liaison teacher who will follow the guidelines set out in the attached “Responsibilities” sheet.  (See Appendix 1)

Each sport will have coaches/managers who will follow the guidelines set out in the attached “Responsibilities” sheet.

A meeting will be held for each sporting code, prior to the start of each season, where liaison teachers, coaches/managers can discuss their responsibilities and organise the season.  The Principal or DP will also attend.

All liaison teachers, coaches and managers will receive a copy of this policy including appendix one at the meeting identified in 3.3.

All associated sports/ uniform fees must be paid to the school office prior to the season commencing

Necessary equipment will be stored in the old PE shed. Coaches will be allocated keys for the duration of the season.