The Vision for our young people (in the revised curriculum) is to produce people who will seize opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies, to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic and environmental future for our country. The curriculum asks that schools plan a curriculum that encourages students to look to the future by exploring significant issues, of which sustainability is specifically named.

Our key aim is to build understanding of how our actions (positive and negative) impact on the environment. The theme links well with our core value of Responsibility and the Key Competencies of Thinking and Problem Solving.

Sustainability is a much bigger theme than just recycling. During the six years that your child is at our school they will explore water quality, local streams and lakes, endangered species, global warming, pollution and conservation issues.

Sustainability is one focus that lends itself to a home and school partnership. During our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week we would like to have a zero rubbish week, where the children take their scraps home in their lunch boxes. Is it even possible to have snacks and food without packaging? We hope that you will enjoy talking about the issues with your child.

In 2010 we looked at sustainable energy sources. Two classes were able to visit local geothermal and hydropower stations. We had an online energy expert who helped to answer questions we had.

In 2009 we explored ideas around water quality. Jackson Park comes off Springfield Road, and there are three springs in Jackson Park. The resulting brook leads to the Utuhina Stream and then into the Rotorua lake. We want our children to learn that how we look after our stream affects the life that lives in the brooks and streams and also in our lakes. Rotorua district is based on 12 lakes and there are 24 within one hour of Rotorua. We are the lake district of NZ. Lakes are a tourist attraction and therefore of value to our economy and a source of our leisure activities. We want our children to learn that we must beware what goes into our drains and streams in order to protect our valuable lakes.

In 2008 we explored ideas around recycling. The juniors found out what things could be recycled. The middle school explored how worms can help. The senior school researched issues on a global level.