We asked our parents, "Which core values do you consider to be the most important for your child to understand and practise?"

The top four values as rated by our community are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Excellence through Perseverance

We highlight one particular value each term by discussing and drawing what it looks like when people are showing that value in action.

We talk about what that value sounds like when we hear people talking to one another.

We share what it feels like when we are treated with respect, when we are given responsibility and we carry it out well, when we cooperate together, and when we achieve our goal through trying hard and not giving up easily.

Staff and student mediators reward children displaying these values in the playground with gold slips. The gold slips then go into a draw for prizes at school assembly.

Teachers also acknowledge these values in the classroom so that what we say and do become the habits for positive citizens in our classrooms and community.