Learning at Otonga School

As a parent of an Otonga School student, you will want to know what your child is learning so you can support him or her at home. You and your child’s teachers will be the most important influences on your their education. The ‘Our Learning’ page of our website will help you understand what learning is at Otonga School Te Kura o Tihiōtonga.

We call it our local curriculum. Our local curriculum is the way that we bring The New Zealand Curriculum to life at our school. 

It shows:

  • what it is that we want our students to learn and how our curriculum is designed to achieve this.
  • that learning is personalised and inclusive to take into account the students’ aspirations, interests, identity, language, and culture.
  • the long view is taken: each student’s ultimate learning success is more important than the covering of particular achievement objectives.
  • that it is manageable and realistic. 

Our local curriculum is used to foster our Graduate Student Profile. Graduate profiles are one way that a school can communicate a shared understanding of what a future-oriented learner looks like. Graduate profiles describe values, dispositions, knowledge, and attitudes that students will need to develop and build  as they embark on their learning journey through Otonga School Te Kura o Tihiōtonga in order to participate in a range of life contexts beyond school. At Otonga School Te Kura o Tihiōtonga we teach people and not subjects. We educate the whole child. It is the point of difference that our Year 6 students will have when leaving us . It is a taonga or treasured kete of skills gifted to the next school. We are very proud of this ‘gift’!

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Learning at Otonga School Presentation 2023