Ready Set Go (RSG) Transition to School Program

Ready Set Go (RSG) Transition to School Program and Enrolment Information


Thank you for choosing Otonga School Te Kura o Tihiōtonga. We are really lucky to have you!


We have looked at the transition research from early childhood education to primary school to ensure that your 5-year-old coming to Otonga School will experience a seamless transition at an important time of their lives. 

Our Learning Through Play Pedagogy ensures that our learning environments are set up as inviting, fun-filled spaces that look quite similar to where children have come from.


Your preschooler visits the class that they are going into before starting and forms a positive relationship with their teacher. During the 5 weeks, parents are guided through interactive information sessions and are able to ask questions to put their minds at ease. Teachers will endeavour to visit if possible or connect with the kindy/playcentre before tamariki start. 

Some of our Year 6 school leaders walk alongside them and support them with this transition.


  • Session 1 Nau mai haere mai Welcome to Otonga School 
  • Session 2 School Information, Learning and Assessment
  • Session 3 Learning Through Play
  • Session 4 Structured Literacy and Maths
  • Session 5 School Organisation


During Session 2-5 your little person can experience what it is like to be in their classroom. This helps the newbies form a relationship with the Teacher, meet the other students and settle in. They will be welcomed into the other Year 1 learning environment and can meet all of the other teachers.

Please view the Ready Set Go Transition to School program here:

Please click on the button to view the ready-set-go transition to-school program.

Enrolment and Cohort Entry

At Otonga School we have cohort entry.  Cohort Entry is when new entrants start school in groups throughout the year rather than on their fifth birthday.
New entrants are able to start school in cohorts but only after they have turned five. There are two entry points per term, one on the first day of term, and one at a mid-point during a term.
Term 1:  31/01/23 or 6/03/23
Term 2: 24/04/23 or 29/05/23
Term 3: 17/07/23 or 21/08/23
Term 4: 9/10/23 or 13/11/23
All students who are in the school zone will be eligible to enroll at Otonga School. Out of Zone enrolments are limited to spaces being available at the time of enrolment.

Completing an enrolment form is no guarantee that you have a place if you are out of the zone.

Please come into the office to get an enrolment pack.